Supply Chain simplified

Simplifying the complexities of supply chain and aligning each stage of the supply chain to the mission and vision of the organisation is our main aim. We work to identitify bottle necks, blocks, barriers to a smooth supply chain process. We further train and work alongside decision makers in the supply chain process in your organosation and enable them to effectively manage the process from pre-production to distribution. Our steps include but not limited to:

  • Identifying decision makers 
  • Identifying blocks and bottle necks
  • Identifying enablers
  • Defining the vision and mission   


Optimising capacity and efficiency 

We work with supply chain decision makers, we look back at budget spend over a period of 3-5 years to determine efficiency. We further work with your enablers to identify potential pitfalls and efficiencies and design a supply chain model that is suitable and bespoke for your organisation.

  • Supply Chain made simple
  • Efficient production planning
  • Customised supply chain model

Understanding your business from pre-production to delivery

Production planning is a very essential part of designing a supply chain model that will efficiently serve your organisation. A holistics view of the various silos and decision makers involved in planning production is a critical part of this. Mikhanyi Logistics Consultants will work with your organisation to create a pre-production planning model that works for your organasition’s specific needs and aspirations.

Designing the appreciate mode of transport 

Mikhanyi Logistics’ vast experience in creating supply chain value for cleints has proven indispensable for many clients who have afforded us the opportunity to work with them. Choosing the right mode of transport is a key component in minimising cost, increasing efficiency and creating a supply chain process that aligns with the vision and mission of the organisation. The difference between airfreight, seafreight rail and roadfreight can be the missing piece in your Supply Chain Process.


Our End to end, integrated and reliable supply chain solutions are designed to assist your business in linking production and distribution channels across your markets. Through our partnership across the world, we leverage on the technology revolution in supply chain solutions that are innovative, flexible and customised to industry. We cover the entire supply chain from multi-tier fulfilment and merge-in-transit to white glove deliveries and after sales services.